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Planning a road trip? Consider taking a few apps along for the ride:

  1. Road Trippers – A standard navigation app will take you from point A to point B. But Road Trippers has the potential to take you anywhere in-between. Just type in where you plan to start and end, and Road Trippers will plan your route. Choose to stop at nearby attractions, natural wonders or even at any “weird stuff” along the way. Think national parks. Think the birthplace of Superman. Think the World’s Largest Chest of Drawers.
  2. Waze – For navigation that knows when you’re approaching an accident, a road hazard or traffic jam, download Waze. As the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app, drivers in your area share real-time traffic and road information to save you time. That way, you know what to expect, and when to re-route.
  3. Field Trip (by Google) – While it runs in the background of your phone, Field Trip lets you know when you’re approaching cool, hidden and unique things. As you get close, a notification with details will pop up. From Field Trip, you’ll learn about local history, as well as the greatest places to stop.
  4. Glympse – With Glympse, giving travel updates to your family and friends is easy. While you’re on the road, you can share your location in real time, so they can see how far you’ve traveled.
  5. iExit – Searching for a place to stop? Using your location, iExit tells you what’s available at upcoming highway exits. If there’s somewhere you prefer to stop, mark it as your favorite, and iExit will tell you when you’re close.
  6. Urbanspoon – Find food you’ll love wherever you are. Search by name or cuisine, and see pictures of food from the restaurants you’re considering.
  7. Food Maps – Find food that’s famous. Food Maps shows you more than 4,000 restaurants that have appeared on more than 30 specialty TV shows.
  8. Gas Buddy – See a list of all gas stations near you, and compare the price for the gas you need.
  9. Spotify – When you lose your favorite radio stations, tune in to your favorite artists, albums and genres. You can even make a playlist specifically for your road trip.
  10. Audible – Choose from more than 180,000 audiobooks to hear while you ride.
  11. The Weather Channel – As you travel through city to city or state to state, keep an eye on the weather that’s coming your way. Get weather conditions for your exact location, as well as radar maps and long-term forecasts.
  12. Frankenmuth Insurance – Get everything you need while you’re on the go, like digital proof of insurance and step-by-step instructions at the scene of a car accident.

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