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How to Get a Quote

Explore business, home, auto and life insurance with a local expert.

At Frankenmuth Insurance, we work exclusively with local, independent insurance agents who have expert knowledge about business, home, auto and life insurance. Why do we depend on independent agencies to help our policyholders? Because we believe the best insurance advice comes from a local expert who understands your unique needs better than an online, one-size-fits-all option.

An agent can provide personalized guidance.

With so many ways to purchase insurance, a conversation with a licensed expert can best capture everything that’s needed to protect what matters most to you.

A computer algorithm will only ask so many questions about your needs. It can’t talk to you about:

  • Incidences your business has had in the last three years, and what measures can be taken to better secure your business.
  • Steps you can take to safeguard your office building or house against severe weather.
  • Life events – such as a new baby, a new driver or your retirement – and how to customize your insurance policy to meet your needs at every life stage.

For these reasons and more, we put our stake in the value of personal communication. Agents representing Frankenmuth Insurance are not only our partners; they’re yours. They provide personalized guidance especially for you and your business, home, auto and life insurance needs.

Talk to a local, independent agent today. Your agent is your guide to help you move through life always with the right amount of coverage.

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