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We’ve built the insurance policy you need to keep your business protected.

Our Business Protector policy can be described in three words: No assembly required. You spend enough time putting the pieces together to keep your business thriving. You shouldn’t have to put your insurance policy together, too. That’s why we make our insurance for business owners easy. Each policy comes pre-assembled to fit your needs, and your local, independent agent can rebuild it at any time.

Our Business Protector policies are available for the following types of small or mid-sized business owners:

And for those who need it, we also offer surety bonds in 46 states.

Standard features in our Business Protector policy include:

  • Replacement coverage on your building and contents
  • Replacement income, up to 12 months
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Signs
  • Theft of money, on and off premises

Ask one of our local, independent agents to start building your Business Protector policy today.